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 I am currently engaged in several types of student teaching and research supervision :


I. Fixed Income Analysis: 

  1. PhD course on Empirical Research Methods in Fixed Income Markets. (BU 753)

  2. Elective course for MFin (Waterloo campus) and Weekend MFin(Toronto campus). (BU 713)

  3. Final year undergraduate. (BU 449)


II. International Financial  Management:

  1. Elective course for MBA/MFin students (Waterloo campus). (BU 643)


IIi. Derivatives and Risk Management:

  1. PhD course on Empirical Research Methods in Derivative Markets. (BU 813)

  2. Elective course for MBA (Waterloo campus). (BU 623) 

  3. Final year undergraduate. (BU 423)




 III. Independent Research Study:

  1. MBA (BU  690) 

  2. Advanced Undergrad (BU 490)

  3. Masters in Business Economics- MABE (EC 681)

  4. Masters in Finance (MFin: MF 783)

  5. PhD  program (BU 802)

(Here the students identify specific research projects with the help of the supervisor and conduct independent research, which might involve advance literature survey, quantitative modeling and data analysis). 


IV. Applied Business Research:

  • MBA students (BU 610)

Here the students work on live cases as consulting projects with companies; faculty guide them from start to finish on all aspects of the projects.

V. PhD supervision:

  • I am an approved PhD research supervisor. 




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