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Upcoming presentations (2021)

  • Schulich Finance Seminar, York University (Feb, 2021)

  • Business School seminar, University of Central Florida (Apl, 2021)

  • Business School Seminar, La Trobe University (May, 2021)

  • ‘Do Government Guarantees Help Financial Stability? Evidence from an Emerging Market"; Reserve Bank India seminar ( Aug, 2021)

  • NFA conference (Sept, 2021)- Discussion

  • "Do Firms Benefit from Carbon Risk Management? Evidence from the Credit Default Swaps Market ", International Workshop on Financial System Architecture & Stability (IWFSAS 2021) (Aug, 2021) presented by coauthor; Sustainable Finance seminar, Queen’s University (Oct, 2021) ; WLU brown bag seminar (Dec, 2021)

  • McGill University Seminar (Sept , 2021)

  • " "Do Stock Index Revisions Impact Credit Markets? Evidence from the US Corporate Bond and CDS Markets", FMA conference (Oct, 2021)

  • "Does Capital Infusion Impact Financial Stability? Evidence from Fed’s Corporate Bond Purchases" Public Policy Lessons conference Part of the After the Pandemic conference series ( Wilfrid Laurier University) (Nov, 2021)--Presented by the coauthor


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